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No cookie-cutters in this kitchen! Every design is tailored to meet your specific brief. Our work ranges from logos to landing pages to large scale e-commerce stores, and everything in between.

Trusted by

Paul Christian
Paul Christian
Owner and Founder, NPR Studios
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"Feedback from clients about the visual and functional ease of use of my website has confirmed that I made a good choice contacting Get Primed again. I was very impressed with the time and attention that they gave me. Their great ideas helped me target my market and meet the needs of my clients."

Built for Speed and Mobility

Every site is triple-designed with each element optimised for speed, creating an outstanding experience for your customers every time, on any device.

Captivating digital experiences

Your customers expect an intuitive user experience, but we go further to create an experience they’ll remember and talk about.

We use human behaviour and UX design principles to deeply understand your target audience, create a connection, build trust and promote conversion.

The Ultimate Advantage

In our industry, it can be hard to know who to trust. From fly-by-night developers who disappear without a trace, to agencies holding brand assets hostage or locking you into endless contracts, we’ve heard it all!

When we founded Get Primed back in 2016, we decided to be different. Very different. We started asking tough questions that led us to create your ultimate advantage…

Supporting local

We’re a family-owned Aussie studio based in Melbourne and West Gippsland. We still get excited by every new project or glowing testimonial, and we’re definitely not strangers to a happy dance!

Chris Behrendorff
Chris Behrendorff
Owner, Executive Locksmiths
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"Get Primed made our new website look SO awesome that even I want to buy from us!"

Happiness guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll love our work that we offer a 100% happiness guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied, neither are we!

The Ultimate Advantage

What’s so different about Get Primed?

We asked our clients and prospects… wouldn’t you prefer to have full control? The ability to update your content as you please? Your logos, fonts and graphics always at your fingertips?

The overwhelming answer? YES!

We then asked… wouldn’t you prefer to work with someone who understands marketing and business overall, not just web design?

Again, YES!

So from the moment you start working with us, you’re in the driver’s seat. You meet directly with your designer and strategist, and we get to know you and your business; who you are, what you stand for and why you love what you do. We gain a deep understanding of your vision, your customers and your competition, and we create a powerful strategy to help you truly stand out from the crowd.

Every step of the way, we meet face-to-face for your feedback, and we don’t stop until you’re 100% happy.

Once your site goes live, it’s all yours. We hand over the virtual keys and give you personalised training to make you master of your own marketing.

And then we stick around, checking in every so often (without being all stalkery) and offering free ongoing support. No endless contracts, no hassles, just honest-to-goodness help when you need it.

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