About us


We’re Lisa and Kristian Thomas, founders of Get Primed design studio.

We’re a little quirky and that’s just how we like it, but we live and breathe business, marketing and design. Obsessed? Perhaps!

As we bring your design ideas to life we’ll listen, guide and design our hearts out until we get a result you’re 100% happy with. Only 99% happy? Pfft, that’s for chumps!

Welcome to Get Primed.

We're about connecting. honesty. listening. understanding. customers. supporting. small business. excellence. integrity. partnering. transforming. results. creating. solutions. celebrating. design. succeeding together.

"Kristian was amazing! He did everything he promised, on time and on budget.
I couldn't be happier!"

Supporting local

We’re a family-owned, Australian business, proudly supporting other local businesses.

We still get excited by every new project and we’re definitely not strangers to a happy dance!

Our Network

We often partner with or refer other exceptional businesses whose work complements our services, including:


Connect with words to convert curious visitors into loyal customers.

Social Media

Precisely target your ideal customers with savvy social media marketing.


Optimised systems mean less slog, more profit!


Spectacular imagery amplifies every marketing campaign.

Graphic Design

Level up your look with totally custom graphic art and design.

Human Resources

Set your team up for success with trusted HR management.


Captivate your customers with beautifully branded videos.


From startup to sale, every business needs a trusted accountant.


Ditch the weekend paperwork nightmare! Automate and delegate to a pro.

Ask us to recommend services in your area.

Kristian Thomas

Creative Director
BSSc Interactive Multimedia (IT & Design)

G’day, I’m Kristian, the creative mind behind Get Primed.

I knew I was destined for a creative career when I sold my first drawing in high school, but when I discovered web design… woah, I was hooked! There’s something so magical about building a website that draws you in and makes you feel like you really know the brand and the people behind it.

You’re connected. You’re part of it.

But it only works when the brand’s essence shines through: and that’s where my passion for branding was born. With over 20 years spent refining what does and doesn’t work, I’ve learned what makes that vital connection that turns your leads into customers, and customers into raving fans.

My mission is to provide genuine value for money: No “follow our 3 simple steps and become a millionaire in 2 days” BS. Just real advice and outstanding designs that make it easy for customers to find you and do business with you.

Lisa Thomas

Business Strategist
CAHRI TPMBA GCCom(HRM) BBus(Accounting)

Hello! I’m Lisa, strategist, behaviourist, question-thinker, puzzle-solver and all-in business nerd.

I took a long, winding path to strategic consulting, and ironically, that was the perfect preparation. From engineering to dog training, HR to accounting, I flourished on diversity. I enjoyed working with multinationals, but I fell in love with small business, where every decision, every dollar and every person matters so much more.

A born puzzle-solver, my passion for strategy was honed by endless study and practise. It was my parents who taught me to puzzle out people: consummate professionals and masterful communicators, they were endlessly fascinated by the people they met, each with a story to share or lesson to impart.

Now, I love sharing the best of all I’ve learned with small business owners so they can bypass the years of education and experience and jump right to actioning success.

"Lisa did something"
Some job, Some Co

Where can you find us?

Our home office is located amoungst the rolling green hills of Drouin in West Gippsland, about an hour out of Melbourne.

We’ve been working from home since long before it was cool, and we love living a country lifestyle.