Is .au right for you?

Did you know that you can now get a domain name (website address) ending in just .au? For example, your website could be at instead of 😃

What’s good about .au?

These new shorter domain names can be very handy for a couple of reasons:

1. Easier to type

Your customers will have less to type thanks to your shorter website address. Anyone who has used a website on their phone knows that less typing is always a win!

2. Easier to remember

A shorter domain name means less to remember. No one will ever have to wonder “was it or”.

How much is a .au domain name?

.au domain names are the same price as their and siblings, so they’re very affordable. At just $24+GST per annum, they’re an inexpensive addition to your marketing arsenal.

Do I need .au if I already have

If you already have a, or a address, you may want to snap up the matching .au to protect your brand, because no one wants to let their competitor register a similar website name to confuse (or steal) your customers, yikes! 😮

The good news is that you’ve got the next 6 months to claim your matching .au name. After that time the restrictions will be released and all .au domain names will be available to all Australians. Which means that you have until September to secure your .au domain name before anyone in Australia can take your name.

Ready to go .au?

To get your .au domain name, email our team and we’ll get the registration process underway. If you’d like to know more, let’s have a chat to see if a .au website address is right for you.


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